Stay Gold, God’s Menu and Seventeen’s new album drop; Still With You by Jungkook + revisiting Mono by RM

So BTS, Stray Kids and Seventeen had dropped in new releases. BTS had dropped in their latest single ‘Stay Gold’ while Seventeen dropped in an album and Stray Kids their first full album.

Now on to the comments for each one:

  1. Stay Gold – Honestly, I have no words for to say for this song because it just brought out a whole new vibe to me, kind of felt like piano music.
  2. Stray Kids (God’s Menu) – So the second I listened to this song, I actually got EXO’s Monster vibes and the highlights of the song would be the high tones and Felix’s deep tones I guess. As for the album, they did a great job and it was actually mind blowing.
  3. Still with You by Jungkook – Although this was released a few weeks back during FESTA season, I decided to bring it up because I didn’t talk about it before. It was coincidentally raining when I listened to this song and I instantly had to associate it as “rain vibes” given the background music and the setting.
  4. Heng:garae by Seventeen- The songs from the album just gave me comforting chill vibes, kind of like those songs that would be played at a high school fest setting.
  5. Revisiting ‘Mono’ by RM of BTS – So a few days back, my Spotify playlist did this autoplay option after all the songs were played, and the first two songs that played were ‘seoul’ and ‘moonchild’ and that got me back into the revisit lapse. I’ve been having the songs play every once in a while. 


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