The Podcasts that I am currently listening to

So I had mentioned that I had started listening to a lot more podcasts in an earlier episode. So I thought of giving y’all an inside peek into what I am listening to (in case you didn’t listen to my podcast, go and check it out under the tab My Podcast for an archive of all the episodes).

So the podcasts that I am currently listening to are:

  1. Gals on the Go- Hosted by Youtubers and influencers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, the two of them have a lot of episodes under the mix of entertainment, college life and productivity.
  2. Introvert’s Night Out- Three introverts and an ambivert sit down to have a nice chat about books, movies and the latest happenings, whilst staying indoors and getting back home by nine.
  3. Give Me Strength with Alice Liveling- Bestselling author and personal trainer Alice Liveling interviews extraordinary people about the importance of building mental health and physical resilience to help in walking along the path of a happier and stronger life.
  4. No Such Thing As A Fish- The writers of the BBC show huddle up around a microphone to discuss the best things that they have found out during the week.
  5. Go with the Flo – A 21 year old named “Flo” talks about various topics with unedited conversations.
  6. The GEN podcast- The latest news on biotechnology and genetic engineering from Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.
  7. The Naked Scientists Podcasts – The latest science news with interviews from top scientists, hands on science experiments and answers to science questions.
  8. Science Friction – Discussions on any recent science breaks
  9. Beyond the To Do List – Erik Fisher talks with real people about the various ways to be productive and get stuff done faster.
  10. No More Hiding – Self promotion at Work: Gemma Stow highlights the need for women to step out of their comfort zone to step into the spotlight and become a leader.
  11. The Couragemakers Podcast- Every Monday, Meg Kissack joins a new courage maker who would highlight topics about courage, creativity and dream-chasing as they share vulnerably and honestly about their journey so far.
  12. Talk to me in Korean Podcasts- (This one is actually to help me learn Korean): This podcast is a learner’s podcast which helps with grammar, conversations and Korean in general.

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