RED QUEEN – Victoria Aveyard

Name of the book – Red Queen

Author- Victoria Aveyard

Genre- Young Adult, Historical Fiction

Year of Publication- 2015

Summary- Mare Barrow is a commoner (Red) and a thief who struggles to help make ends meet with her three brothers being enscripted for war whilst she is next in line for enscription. But what will happen when she finds herself working at the Silver Palace; discovering that she has a secret power of her own?

Review- I loved the way Mare was portrayed as a strong female lead. I still have mixed feelings over Maven and Cal though, both of them have different standpoints and characteristics, but to actually like one of them is pretty hard, seeing that in every chapter, it looks like they have a secret mystery behind them. I didn’t like the other characters because most of them were really cruel, especially the King and Queen and Mare’s family who seemed to neglect her because she was a thief and that she couldn’t do better.

Rating- I’d give this book a five on five, can’t wait to read the sequel!!

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