My Hero Academia- Season 2 and Season 3 Review

If you haven’t read Season 1- REVIEWING MY FIRST ANIME- MY HERO ACADEMIA (Season 1)


my hero academia- s3

SUMMARY FOR SEASON 2:-  Season 2 follows the aftermath of the attack on the USJ and to compensate for the massacre, UA decides to continue with hosting the Annual Sports Fest; a competition made for heroes to shine and help them secure jobs as well as internships for their future.

Following the results of the fest, most of the Class 1-A students get recruited by pro heroes who see potential in them. Tenya Iida applies for internship in the place where his brother was attacked, so that he could avenge his brother’s paralyzed state. Meanwhile, Todoroki comes to terms with his left side and applies for an internship with his old man, whilst Midoriya is recruited by Gran Torino, one of Allmight’s teachers during his schooling at UA. All three of them reunite when they help Iida to avenge the villain that caused harm to his older brother.

SUMMARY FOR SEASON 3:- Post the attack that Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida fought, Class 1-A is subjected to semester finals which will be followed by a training camp to make them “Plus Ultra Heroes.” But soon after they get into training, they are attacked and Bakugo is taken as hostage by the League of Villians.

Midoriya, Kirishima, Yayourozu, and Todoroki make a plan to help save Bakugo after they found out that Yayourozu knows the location in which he is kept hostage. Iida decided to tag along as it is his responsibility to keep his classmates safe as Class Rep.Together, they save Bakugo from the League and All for One makes his appearance, thereby weakening All Might and forcing him to retire.

Midoriya and the others manage to escape safely, but Class 1-A is put to another test- The Provisional Licensing Exam, which gives them their Hero Licenses; allowing them to use their Quirks to their full potential in combat. Almost all of them receive their licenses, except for Todoroki and Bakugo, who have a second chance to sit for the exam again.

Bakugo and Midoriya have a fight after the exam about Deku’s “borrowed quirk” and meanwhile, we are introduced to Shigaraki’s plans for expanding the League of Villians.

REVIEWING THE TWO SEASONS- I honestly have to say, Todoroki has a great character development from the Sports fest to the attack, and Iida learnt more about responsibility and caring for his peers. Bakugo is still the same time bomb and Kirishima knows what it takes to help a victim in need. I think that the others showed a little less spotlight through the seasons; there wasn’t much character development. I really loved the Sports fest in Season 2, as well as the episodes of the training camp and saving Bakugo in Season 3; there was a lot of intense moments and humour to look out for.

RATING THE TWO SEASONS:- I’d give them both five on five; cause the plot still lingers in my heart even after watching it.

5 stars


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