My Hero Academia Season 4 Review

So I ain’t going over the deets one more time; refer these links for them:


My Hero Academia- Season 2 and Season 3 Review

my hero academia s4

Summary- So in Season 4, Midoriya tries to get himself into a community service job at Nighteye’s agency with the help of Mirioh. After successfully scoring himself a job in the agency, he is tasked with the mission of helping a girl who is under the custody of an underground mafia which is run by a villain called Overhaul.

Review- Midoriya has grown from being the kid who always depends on All Might to somebody who can wield his own power. Todoroki has matured as well, but Bakugo still seems the same. We see a new side of Jiro in this season.

Rating- I’d have to give it a four and a half for this season; the ending just dropped in like a major cliffhanger.


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