The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage – Susan David

Susan David, a psychologist elaborates on the way we need to accept and become agile towards our own human emotions.

I actually cried during the first few minutes of the video as she started to elaborate “Emotional Courage” through one of her memories of grief. She clearly states that we need to learn how to gain emotional balance in the right way – not by ignoring all of your feelings and bottling them up, but by allowing them to flow freely without question. This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to be happy; it just means that you shouldn’t show false positivity and lose the capacity to feel any original emotion anymore. Because we own our emotions, they don’t own us.

She specifically says that there will be a time where we will have to question our emotional agility. And instead of being resilient, we must accept it with open arms and infinite courage.

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