American Consulate Book Haul

As I had mentioned in my visiting the consulate post, here are the books that I had borrowed from the consulate.

  1. Before I fall by Lauren Oliver- Samantha Kingston has everything that anybody who isn’t in the popular crowd would want. After living the first half of her life at the bottom of the hierarchy, she had finally stood up for herself and suddenly she became popular. But as she goes through a time loop, she finally realizes how life at the bottom of the chain really was and tries to make amends to change it.
  2. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater- It is a series of four books in which the first book, The Raven Boys is an introduction to a girl named Blue and her life as a psychic.
  3. Theodore Roosevelt- A life by Nathan Miller- It is the biography of Teddy Roosevelt, a previous president of the United States of America.
  4. Medical Marvels -The 100 Greatest Advances in Medicine by Alex Straus and Eugene Straus – It talks about 100 great advances that have improved medicine for the better and also about the people who have contributed to these achievements.

Link to the American Consulate Visit– (Library Visits Part 2) – Visiting the American Consulate Library


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