(Library Visits Part 2) – Visiting the American Consulate Library #Vacay2k19

AYO, dear readers. We have an update from “muah” about the next library trip, (which was supposed to be up a few days ago, and I’m sorry about that, but anywho).

I had got the opportunity to visit this library on June 3rd 2019, and to be honest, I am so proud of myself for going there, because I was able to apply for a library card on my own (a proud achievement; no judgements allowed).

The library is located inside the American Consulate and the general public are allowed to avail memberships in the library. You are allowed free internet access to a lot of American web references that you might have to pay for if you search for them on your own browser, and a variety of genres of books to pick from. They also have DVDs which would be played for you on their plasma screens that are inside the library.

After I applied for my membership, I was allowed to borrow four books over a span of 28 days (haul will be linked down below). The library also had a book fest where they sold sets of two books each for a minimal price.


  • You must submit any form of ID proof when you enter into the library (original copy), and if you are an American Citizen (like me), you can submit your original passport as well. You shall be able to collect it right after you leave the consulate.
  • If you are a member of the Library, you must bring your card with you at all times in order to borrow and return your books.
  • By any chance, if you are not able to return your books, somebody else can return them for you with your card, but only you can borrow new books from your card.
  • There are annual, biannual and student discounts for applying for your membership.


Well, I am going to have to say that I liked the American Consulate Library the most (and I am not being biased just because I’m an American Citizen), because the library had a homely atmosphere to it. Plus the variety of books that you can borrow can be categorized according to your preferences, which is something that I liked. Even though there aren’t a lot of old references, you get internet subscribed references.

Then again, I am not saying that I didn’t like the experiences of the Connemara Library and the Anna Library. Both of them are equally good as the consulate, but they are also stocked with references that are mostly related to research and projects and the rooms per floor were more of a reference centre, than a homely welcoming atmosphere. And as I have mentioned in the above paragraph, the internet references have to be brought in by us to both the libraries and they don’t provide the references, which I felt was a con for them.

Link to Haul- American Consulate Book Haul

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