Getting out of the Vacay Vibes – My Solution to the Situation

It’s time for me to “gear up” as my Principal from school says, for the upcoming school year. It’s a brand new start; a venture into my final year of schooling before I go off to college, but the fact that my vacation is already over in a month does seem a bit overwhelming.

Instead of doing those things that people recommend on doing as “my tips and tricks” (not that I’m blaming or criticizing them in any way, because to be honest with you, although they are very effective, they haven’t sustained in the long run for me in my personal experiences), I think we should all face reality as it is, and accept the fact that we still need to work for our goals in life, cause we’re all not 60-year-olds or couch potatoes to simply sit around and do nothing all day.

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If we can come to the understanding of two phenomenons- Passion and Adaptation, I think we would be able to achieve the true acceptance of taking note that our vacation is over.

Passion is something that drives us to keep us going towards our goals. It helps us to enjoy the process of working towards our own goals with complete interest and enjoyment. So as long as you enjoy what you do and simplify your work processes and patterns, then you would be able to get through your work with much ease.

Acceptance is another factor that we need to understand during the times that we escape from our surroundings. We need to understand that once our “happy little vacation” is over, we need to get back to work and continue with what we have started. Remember, you’re always half-way there towards your destination; all you need is a bit of inspiration and you are already on your grind to success.

Once we put these two phenomenons to practice, we would be able to achieve this situation with the utmost solace that you could ever find.

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