A Hidden Waterfall

This picture reminded me of that hidden waterfall that was portrayed in Lion King. If you remember, there was a scene where Timon and Pumbaa show a hidden waterfall similar to this one and name it as paradise.

The part that I liked the most about this picture was the way the water flowed from the waterfall to the banks and into the stream. And the view is mostly descriptive from the angle of lifting a tree branch full of leaves to give the effect. It also reminded me of the poem Brook by Tennyson, where he explains the flow of water from one water body to another waterbody.

The poem by Lord Tennyson

Image result for the brook poem

All in all, I think I would just like to say, go and visit the nearest waterbody near your place, no matter how small it may be and feel its tune. Understand that its presence is immortal like nature has made it. Accept the need and requirement and move on; don’t linger on the same thought, but let it flow like a waterfall, and see its wonders.

As Tennyson says “for men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.”

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