Reviewing Onyx- Lux series Book 2 by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Name of the Book – Onyx (Lux #2)

Genre- Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Publication Date- August 14, 2012

Summary- Katy is now connected to Daemon Black, which means that there is more trouble awaiting. Now, she is on the verge of proving that his feelings for her are nothing but from the connection. The DOD is here, and even if they gain a sniff of detail, it’s all they need to make sure that Katy and Daemon are done for.

A new guy has arrived in school; and he wants to help Katy with her given condition. But for that to happen, she has to lie to Daemon; which gives her all the more reason to accept feelings for him. Those who were assumed dead are alive, and the reasons for their fake deaths are unknown. What happened to them and how did they escape from the DOD?

My Review- The first few chapters had the the continuation of the plot from the end of the first book. Katy did have some strange occurrences,such as moving things around and heating up once in a while. I really liked the part where Daemon starts to take more care towards Katy as she has the trace on her. But I do feel that I would take up Katy’s judgement towards his behavior if I were in that situation, because he truly seemed to care only after he healed her.

During the second half, I did feel Simon was too much out of character. He shouldn’t have bullied Katy like that, not after how caring she was when she decided to ask him on a date. Blake was a bit okay though, but Katy should have listened to her friends like she did in the first book and not neglect Dee just to get trained on her new powers, so that she could protect them from the DOD. In this section of the book, I did feel that the characters were a bit out of place, but since it went with the flow, I do agree that it was necessary.

After the DOD show up, everything starts to fall in place again; and since secrets are revealed, the suspense in the pages equally prevails. This was my favorite section of the book, cause there was an introduction to new characters and unexpected characters become villains. The only part that made me feel sad about this book was the character death, because whatever personality the character might have, they did not deserve to die the way they had.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was the way Matthew assembles everybody for a family meeting, like he’s the head and something needs to be discussed with everyone. It made me feel happy that he takes care of all of them like their his children and that he is responsible for their well being.

Another favorite scene was where Matthew and Daemon talk like father and son. The way Matthew talks to him simply can’t be expressed in words.

One of my favorite scene excerpts from the book:-

“Why would they have Dawson? They told us he was dead. Obviously Bethany isn’t, but that doesn’t mean he’s alive. So get that out of your head, Daemon.”
Anger flashed in Daemon’s deep green eyes. “If it was one of your siblings, would you ’get it out of your head’?”
“All my siblings are dead.” Matthew stalked across the room, stopping in front of us. “You guys are all I have left, and I will not stand by and humor false hope that will get you killed or worse!”
Daemon sat down beside me, taking a deep breath. “You’re family to us, too. And Dawson also considered you family, Matthew.”
Pain flashed in Matthew’s ultra-bright eyes, and he looked away. “I know. I know.” He moved over to his recliner and sat down heavily, shaking his head. “Honestly, it would be best if he weren’t alive, and you know that. I can’t even imagine…”
“But if he is, we need to do something about it.” Daemon paused. “And if he’s truly dead, then…”
Then what kind of closure would that be? They’d already believed he was dead, and finding out that it wasn’t the Arum would rip open old wounds and dump salt on them.
“You don’t understand, Daemon. The DOD would have no interest in Bethany unless…unless Dawson healed her.”
My thoughts -When Matthew says ‘get it out of your head’ it seems so cool, and when Daemon says it back, it seems totally savage 


I’d personally rate the book for 4 out of 5 stars. Although it was a good read, the section where everyone was out of character did not suit well for the book.


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