Visiting my Aunt, Bookstore and Window Shopping and Trying some new food (MAY 7 TO MAY 9) #2K19 VACAY

Prescript Notes-  Hey everybody. So, the original plan was to update what I did on that day of the journey, but since we had some technical issues, I decided on updating what I did along with the date.

On May 7, I had started my journey from home to Bangalore for a week-long trip. The agenda was to stay at my Aunt’s place for a few days and to start on Friday for a four day trip to a lot of new places in Karnataka, along with a short trip to Goa. We had traveled as a large group consisting of 9 people- my family, my aunt’s family and my uncle.

We had started from home at 3 pm and since there was a heavy downpour at around 8, we had a delay in timing, which allowed us to reach Bangalore at 11:30 pm.

Related image

-Rainfall from the window of the car

On May 8, I had the opportunity to visit a bookstore called Sapna Bookhouse and I got 4 books, a sketchbook and a diary. After that, I had visited some platform shops to get some clothes.

Related image-The bookstore that I had visited

On May 9, we decided on staying at home to pack and get ready for the next four day trip. During the evening, we went to the chaat vendor and got a plate of Masala Puri. It was a good experience for me, as I had tried something new that day.


Image result for masala puri

– A plate of Masala Puri





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