An Inspiration from someone I love…

Sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit unmotivated, the small things that get me back on track do help out a lot. In this case, these people motivated me to move on throughout my day today.

Yesterday morning, as I was talking to my grandfather, he was talking about how practice makes perfect for any obstacle or challenge that you need to succeed. I did ponder about it for a while, and understood that we need a system or routine that keeps us on track with what we intend to do.

As I was reflecting on my past self for the past few months, I started to realize that my system was a bit improper and that I needed to get back on track as fast as I can. But when the word system came to my mind, my first thought was my aunt.

My aunt is someone who is the epitome of cleanliness and perfection in routine. Whenever she’s around, her surroundings are so clean and clutter free, which makes us all take a moment to admire her skill. In terms of routine, she has a clear-cut system, in which nothing else interferes with it, despite any circumstance or situation that she is in.

I truly thank them for motivating me to do the same and making sure that I inculcate this in my practice as well!!!

There is always a person who is close to you to help you feel motivated as well. Do take in their good qualities and apply them to see that you can also achieve the same, cause all you need is to have faith and believe in yourself to make it happen!


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