The trip to Hogenakkal- October 2018

This was a trip that I had forgot to record in October 2018. As I was looking through my pictures for an update about a trip that I had went for recently in April, I had come across these and decided to make an update.

Hogenakkal waterfall is a place located in Dharmapuri that can be seen by a series of trail treks, jeep rides and one long but amazing boat ride. This place is located at the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and the water for the falls is supplied by the Kaveri river. The landscapes are really beautiful to take pictures and can even be saved as screensavers.

The place is known to be famous for its multiple forks and streams of the Kaveri River. The river does provide drinking water and the herbs that are at its banks carry immense medicinal value.

The place can be visited best after the monsoons- which is during October to March. The water-flow would increase in volume as it is post monsoon, and the boat rides would be more pleasant to go for.

I found the trip to be very pleasing, because we had visited this place during the seasonal period. However, it did take up an entire day worth spending, so do add it as a full day trip in your itinerary, when you intend to visit.



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