Reading OBSIDIAN- Book 1 of the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Okay everybody. I wanted to make this new initiative of posting my reading progress every week, as in what I read throughout the week and my feedback about the book. I’ll be posting these for most of the new books I read and if it is a reading post, I’ll be posting my progress with my feedback.

Let’s get started.

So for this book, I am reading it online and not by hard-copy,so the number of pages would be on the basis of the online service, and not the original book (in case you get confused).

Day 1- 03-05-19

Time-12:36 pm

Okay, I’m 4 chapters in and the highlight about this book is that the main character, Katy has a blog like I do. Daemon does seem a bit okay, but I think he is really secretive; but Dee seems to be a fluff ball. The mother however, seems to be the nosy type, but it’s okay cause there should be someone to monitor her life before she gets “chained to her laptop and becomes a shut-in.”

Time-22:35 pm

I finished another 8 chapters, and I’m in Chapter 10 now. Handling suspense just wasn’t my thing at that moment, because I was desperate to know more about Daemon. I did get to know by the end of the chapter though, but the future suspense does await as well.

Day 2- 04-05-19

Time- 12:15 pm

Finished the entire book. It was a good read, although I did not expect that I’d finish the book this fast. I can’t believe Daemon had the guts to leave Simon with the trace in Chapter 23, that’s just sad. His determination to protect Dee is just so thoughtful and I really cannot feel nothing but pride when he does that for her, cause that is just a very close sibling bond.

But when Katy protects Dee from the Aurum cause Daemon said so, that was a whole new outcome. I never realized that Daemon was caring enough to save her, cause he seemed like a cold-hearted person to me. The ending was something to look out for- cliffhangers for the sequel.

Overall I’d give this book 5 stars, cause it had a lot of suspense and it was extremely interesting.

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