The Beauty of a Pond

Ponds are known to be miniature sources of water. They are known to house the life of frogs, reeds, some small aquatic life and plants that can grow in such a miniature environment.

The pond used to be a playground place for children in the 1950’s, cause they had nowhere else to go. It was the meadows near the pond and the pond itself that gave them joy and happiness to play all their childlike games that they can understand.

As generations pass, the pond no longer had the same identity as it had before. Though the water body is still the same, the human mind is under the constant phase of change. Today, the water body only has the meaning “water that is not consumed by the people” or “ugly place to stick your feet in” and such.

The Morals:

There is always the tiniest bit of beauty in the things that we consider ugly. The things made of nature always have its beauty in them, but it takes us a lot of time to even realize it, cause we cease to have opinions of our own.

The idea of conservation is also rare as well. We feel that a pond does not need to exist but a building does. As population and needs rise, our mentality becomes narrow-minded.

Take a new perspective when you get the chance to have a walk with nature. Understand the need of its existence and find ways to conserve it, before our future loses the chance to know about the existence of such phenomena.





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  1. Yes,i… A few days back I suggest a video, Mr Su.Venkatesan ( author Of Vel Pari Novel.) speech about ” Iyerkai Aaram ( இயற்கை அறம் ) nothing but love and save Nature he quoted the exact point, what you told in Moral of your content. Watch the video again.

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