Becoming One With a Creek


When I started to draw this picture, I felt that it needed an slight amount of imagination to give it meaning. And here it is…

You are feeling the need to be alone. You’re a traveler, a vagabond to be precise. You find the need of water and shade from the hot Sun. The need for you to cool off seems so important to you that you can’t resist.

And behold, the savior for your salvation: the mighty creek.

You sit down, open your casket and fill it with water and start drinking from it, relishing the freshwater taste. The admiration of the breeze remains in your thoughts as you gaze at the mountains, longing for some true shelter for a few days.

The creek’s holy water becomes your holy grail. The need of the source becomes more and more, until you finally succumb to its need and become one with the creek.


The creek brings out the happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction in you. It can bring greed as well, but if you learn to control it, nothing would stand a chance against your willpower and determination.

The creek also shows us another morale- Never bend down to your temptations, before they swallow you whole. Make sure that you have a quantified amount, before you take it in completely without realizing the bad effects.




2 thoughts on “Becoming One With a Creek

  1. நீரோடை ….மலை உச்சியில் இருந்து வருகிறது.மலையின் கடினத்தன்மை நீரோடை க்கு இருக்கும்…எனினும் குளிர்ந்த நீர் அனைத்தையும் பின் தள்ளி நம்மை குளிரவைக்கும் .

    1. The Above Comment translates to:- “Water…. a source that comes from the mountaintops. The rocks of the mountain and the water both share the same rigidness. But then again, the water still ceases to do its duty and cool us with its frosty shivers.

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