LITTLE WOMEN- The Modern Version

So I saw this film two weeks ago, and I decided why not make a category and post reviews about films and shows that I watch as well?




IMDb RATING- 4.6/10

MY SYNOPSIS & REVIEW- Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, the story has its modern twists and additions. The story talks about how four sisters try to maintain their pacts from when they were young and find the need to stick together, thick or thin.

I would give the movie a 7/10, because even though it is a modern adaptation, it did highlight the 4 major incidences that took place in the book as is. Plus, the idea of a modern Jo was a bit amusing to watch & Beth’s part did remain as the book dictates it through the adaptation; even though the others had their modern quirks. The part that I liked the most about having a modern adaptation was the ability for the four “Little Women” (and Marmee) to video chat with their father, instead of communicating through letters and post like the olden days.

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