Drinking COLD Water – Good or Bad?

During the summer months, we desire cold water, as it is an alternative to keep us cool during the heat. Similarly, for the colder months, hot water is more preferable to give us more heat. However, cold water during the summer does have its good and bad effects, like everything else does.

Good Effects:-

It is known to reduce your body temperature and increase your metabolic activities, as well as keeping you active in the case of a sportsperson. For an average human, it can help in aiding digestion.

Bad effects:- 

Too much consumption of cold water at once can usually lead to a sore throat or a migraine. Regular consumption can lead to a rare disease called achalasia, which can cause difficulty in swallowing food and drinks, ultimately affecting your esophagus.

Until today, there has been no scientific proof of any of the bad effects that have been stated; they are just mere experiences that have happened to people.

On the whole, people should make sure they get enough water each day, regardless of its temperature. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine advise that females need to consume around 2.7 liters of water a day to meet their hydration needs and males around 3.7 liters. This intake can come from both foods and beverages.


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