My Bucket List for 2019 #2k19 Vacay

Hey everybody. Here’s my bucket list for 2k19:-

  • Read a lot of books (a book per day)
  • Watch movies (two or three a week)
  • Learn more Korean
  • Go to a bookstore
  • Go to the mall
  • Visit my friends
  • Go to a new place where I haven’t been before
  • Draw some new pictures
  • Make updates to my novels
  • Be productive and get some work done everyday
  • Travel by a bus
  • Travel by a train
  • Travel by a Metro train

I’ll be updating the list if I want to add something new, but this is the list for now. A final analysis of my bucket list will also be added at the end of this series.



3 thoughts on “My Bucket List for 2019 #2k19 Vacay

  1. Good Idea…I want to accompany with you in some area of your list.. add some Nature based items, I will inform later…

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