Announcement for The Vacay Updates!!!

Hey y’all!

Starting from today, i’ll be giving updates on my summer break and how I intend to enjoy it. I am going to enter into my senior year as well, so I do need to gear up for that in the long run (forced grin).

The entries would be like day to day updates on the insights of my days during the hols. For cases of me going somewhere or a bucket list cross-out, I’ll be updating it with pics and the like.For details on my Bucket list and how to make one, I’ll be updating a separate post for that as well. This year’s bucket list will be added to the series very soon, so do wait for the updates.

These posts will have  this hashtag- #2k19 Vacay or #Vacay 2k19, so that there is no confusion with my other future posts and this series.

If you guys aren’t in the holidays yet or don’t have them, don’t worry. You can always use these posts on planning your future holidays or even taking a break from work and things like that; whatever works for you…

Hope you guys find these posts useful.




2 thoughts on “Announcement for The Vacay Updates!!!

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