Have you ever felt those moments of guilt when you HAVE to say no to people, because you have your reasons? I have been there, and for a lot of occasions.

Once we say no, the guilt sojourns there because we do care about the person who asks us the favor? But when we have such moments, we must ask ourselves one thing- Are we going to do justice to ourselves by saying yes to the situation.

For my younger readers and people who face this ,if you are under cases where you have a higher authority saying no, understand that it is for the best. They know what’s good for you and it will take sometime for you to understand their viewpoints; it usually happens when it comes to the point when you put yourself in their shoes.

Personally, I have undergone the above two cases loads of times. Let me recount mine to give y’all a better perspective of what I’m saying:-

Situation 1) Where I had to say no:-

My friends had this plan of going out for the weekend cause school had just ended. They wanted to go as a group of friends. When they asked me, I had to say no, even though the thought sounded a bit nice, because I did have other plans at home as well.

Situation 2) When a higher authority says no:-

This usually happens in a similar scenario (the friends going out), but the higher authority says no. In these cases, I do comply to the order at the end, but during the aftermath, I do realize that saying no was for the best.

I say this because the higher authority does take up your well being, preferences and the other criteria that you are not aware of. You might feel mad now, but you will understand that it is a better choice; trust me on that

Besides, after you say no to any case, remember that you are free to do what you want to do,or finish your commitments. Say no when it is necessary, not as an excuse, but as a need

All I want to say is, say no when you have to, and put yourself first in the situation that you say yes to.Think about everything you put at stake before you make the decision that might trigger negative emotions.

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