March+April Wrap Up & May TBR 2019

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the late updates on the Wrap Up for March, it’s because I didn’t have time to type it out, cause I was busy with school and exams.

Now, since that is done with, let’s go to the Wrap-Up and TBR

For March, I finished Stalker and An Ember in the Ashes Series.

  • Stalker by Lars Kepler-  This is a crime novel, starring a murder being filmed. Once the clip was sent, it was too late to save the woman. Her husband undergoes trauma post the incident, and as the police try to investigate the details, things that shouldn’t have been known become more secretive. The justice that the victim deserves, lies between the pages.
  • An Ember in the Ashes (#2 and #3)-  Laia and Elias undergo many dangers as they try to escape from the Commandant and the Empire. Elias is wounded in the second book and efforts to save him are very frail. Meanwhile, Helene is given the task of assassinating Elias, as he is an escapee from the Empire. He meets the Soul catcher, an immortal ghost being that governs the Spirit Realm. He takes up the responsibility from the Soul catcher towards the end of the book. The Night bringer is revealed as the informant for all communities; The Resistance, The Empire and to The Commandant as well. Efforts to stop him from destroying the world are made in the third book.

For the April Wrap-Up, I read the following books:

  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard- The story talks about how people should be given equal rights in the society. Mare is a Red who does not have equal rights in the society as she is not a royal and  her clan members must be sent for war on behalf of the welfare of the entire community. When her best friend gets enlisted, she tries to find many ways to help him escape from it. But on the way, she finds herself to be caught in unknown loopholes from her past that she doesn’t even know about.
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak- This is about a girl named Liesel who likes to read books and steals them in the process. Her time during the war and the rule of Hitler is portrayed, and the story is narrated by Death himself, who has encountered the Book Thief thrice.


As my holidays have finally started, I intend on reading a lot of books this summer, because I would be having a lot of time to read them as well. Most of these books would be from my 2019 book haul in January (I’ll link that down below in case you haven’t seen or need a reference) and some new books as well. I’ll be posting some info about the books that I read in my Vacay series, so do read those for the titles that you would like to check out during my summer.

Link to the Book Fair Haul-

Link to my Vacay Announcement- 

Announcement for The Vacay Updates!!!




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