Previously, I had wrote a post about starting the day with a quote. Now it’s time to make a quote your own- it’ll be your life policy or motto.

My uncle had sent me this quote by Maud Casey and let me tell you, it just made my life happy. Here is the quote:-

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved reading books ever since I was three years old. But something about that picture made me feel happy about reading. It made me feel that it should be my LIFE MOTTO quote. And I still see that picture everyday and it makes my day, every single time.

Getting myself a LIFE MOTTO QUOTE was inspiring for me. Try it, and see the difference.


2 thoughts on “MAKE YOUR MOTTO QUOTE…

  1. the moment i saw this, instinctively i forwarded it to you. however, I didn’t expect it to appear here. thrilled!

    1. Well, it made my day and I felt so happy reading it, which made me think that it has to be MY motto quote. And then I thought about it, and asked myself “Why not share the quote along with your experience and ask people to do the same?”
      So then I shared my story and felt the same contentment that I felt when I read the quote, but on a bigger scale. Thank you so much for sending it!!

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