HOW I GOT THROUGH EXAM SEASON-#conqueringboardexams

I actually felt it a bit hard at first to detach from reading books, social media, and calling up my close ones and most of all, not posting on my blog for about two months; but overall it was truly worth it.

These are some tips to help you guys out with your exams- be it sem finals, cycle tests or the like, cause every exam that you do does have some importance.

  1. Forget that you’re attempting an exam- There is no need to stress out that exams are approaching. All you have to do is go through whatever you’ve learnt, and bingo! First step done.
  2. Remember that whatever you have detach from has its time-  The social media, books and all the stuff you temporarily move away from, will come back to you after exams.
  3. Always be motivated- Stay happy during this season, because you’re happy mood is going to be the one that makes you remember what you’ve read in the end.

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