How to make the most out of a moody day…

Having a bad mood at the moment? Do you want to scream out loud or pour tears till your eyes swell up like big fat bubbles bulging out of your face? Or do you want to isolate yourself in negativity until you start thinking that you can’t control the tension, stress, anxiety or whatever it is that you are feeling.

Don’t worry folks. We’ve all been there at one point or another. There is always the time that this situation will occur and we might not know how to solve it.

Here are some tips to solve such situations:-

  • Talk about it to someone-Just call up a relative that you are really close to or call your close friend and talk to them about the situation. They might have gone through the same experience, and they would be able to give you some tips as to how you could solve your problems. Whatever it may be, I find it best when you just simply talk to them and forget everything else that is on your mind at that moment.
  • Get yourself something to eat– Go to the nearest ice cream parlor,pizzeria, bakery or even the candy store and get something you like. Once you eat it, it’ll make you feel ten times better and your problems will dissolve as soon as you see the food that you’re going to buy
  • Write it out– Write out the problems that make you feel upset on a piece of paper (or you can type it out, whatever works), and delete it out of your system, once you’re finished. It’ll make your mind feel refreshed and free.
  • Forget and Relax– Reading a book, taking a nap, or even watching some TV helps in a change of mood. You could also try taking a cycle ride and get a bit of fresh air to remove the clutter that’s going on in your head.

These are the tips that have helped me and I hope that they help you too….


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