How to make your resolutions wisely

It’s a new start, and a New Year 2018. So, A very HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

This article is about how you have to make your resolutions and choosing them wisely. As to sticking on to them, I’ll be posting a separate article later this week.

Making your resolutions wisely:

1. Make your resolutions simple;they shouldn’t be too tough for your mind to register.In fact, they should be easy to remember so that you can add and check them off your todo list everyday.

2.Don’t try to stress yourself by making them. Just think through anything you want to correct or a new habit that you want to create.

3. Make sure that you can see your resolutions everyday. Writing them on a piece of paper and making sure that you will be able to look at them whenever you can will help in making a difference.

Remember you have the whole of January to make new ones and edit them as you try to implement them. The next 11 months depend on how you apply them in your life.


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