Importance of books -#libraryweek2017

Observing Library week 2017

                          (from 20/11/17 to 23/11/17)

Last week at school, we observed library week for the importance of books as a hobby,reference or textbook for success. As a bonus initiative we had a book fair that week in observance of this event.

Books are known to be a constituent part of life. Today technology has improved in such a way that we can read books off the net, as well as listen to them also, as they are cheaper and easier to read from.

I personally use some of the latest form of technology for reading my books, but i have always preferred the paper copy or a hard copy of books.

I also love the experiences of going to a bookshop and browsing through the titles and spending an hour or two.But a place even better than the bookshop is the library,where you get to borrow books and take them home and read them to your heart’s content.

This year, i would like to encourage everyone to spend some time in reading books, or at least listen to them whenever possible. You’ll find another whole new world in them and it is much better than binging in front of the TV and watching movies or shows all the time.

 Happy library week 2017!


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