From CELL TO DNA SPOOLING- a detailed lesson-based article


                                       -FROM “I HELPED ACHIEVE A GUINNESS RECORD”

On 14th October 2017, I went to Anna university to attend the world’s longest biology lesson on the topic,”From Cell to DNA Spooling.”

The program started at around 9 am, with Dr. Harsh Vardhan, blessing us to do well. Then we started the lesson with the basic explanation and classification of cells. After this, we moved on to microorganisms- both as a friend and a foe.

The lesson moved on to the introduction of genetics at a base level, and finished with an DNA pooling experiment with the use of papaya extract and chilled ethanol.

Finally the results were announced, and we had broke the record.

I am extremely thankful for being able to participate in the event, as it allowed me to gain a lot of information.

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