Diary of a Teenage Superhero- a great book for teens to read

Name of book- Diary of a teenage superhero

Author- Darrell Pitt

Series-teen superheroes:book 1

Genre- action, comedy, thriller

Axel, a sixteen year old boy, wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of who he was. A dying person is lying next to him, giving out his last breath- to make sure that he doesn’t trust anyone and that some at the agency will save him.

He is now left on the run to fend for himself. He meets a girl, named Brodie, who helps him find his name on his t-shirt. together they find three other people who are just like them- teens with no memory of who they are but their name. All of them soon find out that they have superpowers. A person from the agency finds them and takes them there and assign them for training and a mission- to destroy a powerful missile.

For more details and to find out more, read the book, Diary of a teenage superhero.

My favorite characters- Axel and Chad are my favorites as Chad tries to act oversmart and Axel trying to make hilarious jokes.

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