Planning your day (part-2)- The planner method

The art of planning (by a planner)

Why a planner?

I think that using a planner gives you a premade format and all you need to do is fill in the pages. It makes you feel more inspired to write in and it gives a satisfaction for keeping up on your work

Four reasons to use a planner:-

  • The premade pages
  • The font and designs that are just premade for you
  • Easy to carry (if it isn’t too big)
  • The attractive spreads

The only disadvantage would be that you can’t customize your pages,i.e., if you are an artistic person

What format do I prefer?

I use a planner as well as a bullet journal. This is because i like both formats and because my planner is a little big, I usually use it at home and at school and I use my bullet journal to customize my trackers; as well as use it when i am going out or on travel due to its small size

The format that you prefer is up to you. Y0u might like the planner or the bullet journal method.Or you might like both, like I do.

The key thing that you need to focus on is that you have a proper plan as to how you intend on completing you work and that you have a specific place to update you deadlines and your to do list.

Image result for day designer – Sample planner format

                   “I personally like this format but I have a similar planner that gives me a similar format like this.”

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