Genes That Can Help You Increase your Life Span



There have been 16 gene variations that can be linked to the increase of life expectancy, out of which 14  have been newly discovered.

There has also been a report on three genes which depend on the brain’s low expression of longevity.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United states (CDC) have confirmed that the average life expectancy of an average human being is 78.8 years.

They have stated that the main causes of decrease in the age for life expectancy to be heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory disease.

According to the previous reports, there are only two genes that have been identified by scientists that are linked with longevity, which has been defined as living beyond 85 years as per humans.

In Lausanne, Switzerland, a  new study led by Professor Zoltán Kutalik from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, have identified a total of 16 genetic markers that can dictate a person’s longevity. Out of these, 14 have been classified as completely new discoveries.The findings were published this week in the journal, Nature Communications.

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