Planning-An Important Criterion

The most important success criterion is planning- whether it be for study,life, jobs- anything.

If you have a plan it helps you achieve consistency more.The more you plan, you gain a consistent mindset as to what you are doing.

As you plan, it makes you feel more confident and once you finish everything on your list, you feel like you have been the happiest person on this planet.

But one condition- DON’T OVER PLAN! .If you over plan beyond your capacity, you might not be able to finish everything on your list and that might make you feel demotivated, which might not help you in completing the work that is needed to be done for the next day, causing negativity and procrastination.

One last thing- be happy with whatever you have planned and be happy with whatever you do. this helps in finishing work a lot more faster and leaves you feeling a lot more fresh and great!





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