One day, I was sitting in my English class,where my English teacher had taught us about something called eye-span.

It was then I realized that if you have a greater eye-span, it helps you to accommodate things in your brain much more easily.

What is eyespan?

Eye span is known as the angular span (vertically and horizontally), within which the human eye has sharp enough vision to read text.Usually eye-span in terms of medical science is called as vision span,where it is denoted as a controversial concept in terms of speed reading.this is because the more faster you read, it is more likely that you lose some information present in the sentence.

What is the differential point of view between accommodation of the eye and its related terms with eye span?

Now, accommodation of the eye and eye span are two different concepts. Eye span is something that helps us to read better, while accommodation of the eye is a reflex action. Power of accommodation of the eye is something which helps us to focus on the object that we are reading.

Advantages and disadvantages of eye span

According to the advantages, there are only two-1. It helps us read faster,and 2.it improves our focal range.

But the disadvantages seem to be equally opposing as to  that of the advantages. One case is that the faster we read, it is likely that we will miss some important information. Another fact is that it may cause a slight bit of blurry focus due to high focal rage.

How can we patch up the disadvantages?

This can be done by reading a bit slower in the case of reading important information. For blurry focus, we can try to reduce the focal range by concentrating on a few words at a time or even by shifting our focus.


I would say that eye span has its advantages and disadvantages,but by solving the disadvantages we can try to make good use of this factor.

It is not bad if you have a good eye-span, but you must make sure that you are not giving too much strain to your eyes or losing important information which will be highly needed in terms of application, such as key points for exams,quotes for speeches,etc.

To end this article, I would like to say that you should use your eye span to the highest efficiency and eliminate the negative factors while doing so.






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