#FreshmanGraduates – The Finale to the Saga!

I have finally finished exams for the semester!! *hoot hoot*. Exam season was stressful indeed, but I did get through and you can too! Tune in for some experiences on how I battled finals as well as some insiders info on my first week of summer vacation.

#FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

Welcome to Episode 2 of #FreshmanGraduates! To be honest, lab finals do take a huge toll on your well-being, especially with respect to your sleep schedule. It's a lot of work to stay afloat with last-minute assignments, exams for the labs, and the theory prep that was to come for the upcoming week. Plus with … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

Microsoft, Github and OpenAI to pair up on a new tool for coding

Microsoft has now paired up with Github and OpenAI to create an artificial intelligence system that can recommend code to software developers. The system which has been named Github Copilot, will be able to draw upon source code from Github to assess and suggest code. Now this has been a concept that has been researched … Continue reading Microsoft, Github and OpenAI to pair up on a new tool for coding

#FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals

Welcome to a new short series - #FreshmanGraduates. In a few more weeks, I will officially be out of the college freshman phase and I'll become a sophomore eeek! It's actually slowly sinking in that I've finished college from home for a year, and it's really overwhelming that I'll become a sophomore soon. So I … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals

Shadow and Bone – Show vs Book

The Shadow and Bone show is out with it's first season and although I'm a bit late to the party, I couldn't help but binge through the entire thing. And now that I've got all my thoughts in check - it's time to give my review and answer the biggest question that has prevailed for … Continue reading Shadow and Bone – Show vs Book