Radio Silence

Name of the book - Radio Silence Author - Alice Ose man Genre - Fiction, Novel Year of Publication - 2016 Summary - Frances Janvier has everything. The grades, the curriculars, anything that would make her application stand out to a Cambridge acceptance. However, she wasn't happy with that life. There was just something that … Continue reading Radio Silence

Python vs PHP – which one is better?

As a strong supporter of Python being the best language to learn, I have seen that PHP does have its pluses as well. With Python being a dominating language for performing tasks in Machine Learning as well as being the top preferred language for Data Science, PHP has also gained some popularity by being the … Continue reading Python vs PHP – which one is better?

First Spreads of 2022 – Polaroid theme

A new year called for new memories and I felt the best way to express that would be through a theme of Polaroids. This year kind of had me expand my borders, and after a week or two I started to post reels of me making my spreads each week. The process was exciting … Continue reading First Spreads of 2022 – Polaroid theme