Four Years on the Blogging Platform – My Journey through it

March 23 was the day that I sat down and said, “I’m going to blog!”.

Four years later, I’m here with 75 followers and still continuing on the journey.

Through the process of blogging and expanding to a podcast, I feel grateful to be someone that can deliver content on the hobbies that I love doing. I’m thankful to everyone who reads my blog posts and takes the time to listen to the episodes on my podcast.

I’ve seen a lot of improvements here and there in my writing style and I’m glad to see that my blog does help in making a difference on the personal front as well. And I thank my readers for that. With you guys sitting on the other side of the monitor reading through my content, I have the need to make it better each and every time.

One thing that I want to correct this year is my inconsistency towards this platform. I’m going to change that for the better – starting today. There are a few hobbies that I have been streamlining for a while – and I’m going to make periodic content on it for you guys.

I hope that everyone sticks along for the years to come, and stay tuned for more content that is to take shape!

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