The Library of Lost Things

Name of the book – The Library of Lost Things

Author – Laura Taylor Namey

Genre – YA, Contemporary

Year of Publication – 2019

Summary – Literary genius Darcy Wells has spent almost her entire life in the world of books in order to avoid all thoughts of the real world. But when a property

Review – Usually people are thrilled when you see the main character of the story being a bookworm as yourself, but as far as I’ve seen with books like these (an example of this being The Upside of Falling), the imagination sector kind of tunes down a bit, because we see the character just reading most of the time and then comparing reality with the fiction on their hands and that does get a bit irritating sometimes, especially when you expect the character to act in a different way.

With me, it usually goes both ways; sometimes I like such a character to be the main one and sometimes I don’t. Usually at the start, it’s like really cool and I’d sit and admire that person for a while, until they start taking things to the next level – that being the “comparisons to reality” with the novels that they’ve read. And that is something that I disapprove of because, you’re a character and comparing yourself with another one is imagination in imagination. Towards the end it becomes a more of a “I hate books because of this reason” situation, which is totally not cool.

Darcy did take down a similar path as I mentioned above, but the hate towards books became more of an association towards something that her mother was going through and further notes on this weren’t let in on to the readers. In the end, there was no proper conclusion as to what happened to her hate, but we do see that she does gain some closure to her story which was really moving.

Rating – All in all, a five on five for this one; this book really made the charts in my reading list. I do like characters that are bookworms just like us but the only thing that resonated the most was that the main character was a bookworm as well. The theme as to how the story went about was kinds different and weird in a way but it did fit well in the end.

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