Loveboat, Taipei

Name of the book – Loveboat, Taipei

Author – Abigail Hing Wen

Genre – YA, Humor, Contemporary

Year of Publication – 2020

Summary – Ever Wong has lived under the constraints of her conservative Asian family throughout her life. Medical School is what her parents wanted but she had always had a passion for dancing. As she is sent to Taipei from Ohio for the summer to learn Mandarin, she is thrust into a group of over achieving Asian Americans who have got themselves enrolled into ivy league schools; things aren’t the way she expected them to be. Summer camp, which has been nicknamed as Loveboat – is actually a teen meet market where everyone is more intent on clubbing and snake blood drinks rather than calligraphy and shrine visits.

As Ever sets off on the path to break each and every ground rule that’s been set for her, will she be able to break them without having anything to lose?

Review – What a great start to the year, with this book being the first book that I read in 2021. The plot was actually pretty chill and the rules were pretty relatable (considering I’m Asian myself). The best part was when Ever always addresses Rick as “Boy Wonder” in that mocking tone and the way she and Sophie got along so well. Another fave scene was the “Gang of Five” trying to break all forms of stereotypes that’s been passed onto Asians over the years. Anyone who’s in for a good laugh should definitely read this book cause the humor is exquisite.

Rating – A five on five without a doubt; this book might even make it to my “Best books of 2021” list.

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