The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

We’re back with another time log everyone. Now as far as I have seen, V.E. Schwab has got a lot of hype for her YA novels from a lot of bookworms, and hence I wanted to test that assertion by reading her latest novel that got released – the Invisible Life of Addie La Rue. And I thought about it, “What better way to share my feedback on her books than a time log?”

Basic Info:-

Name of the book – The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

Author – V. E. Schwab

Genre – Historical fantasy

Year of Publication – October 2020


08th November 8:30 PM:

So, I had a look at the book and since it got a lot of recommendations over the internet, I decided to give it a try. Personally, I haven’t read any of her books before and since they’ve always been hyped up in the YA world, I thought of giving it a try. Right now, I’m a few pages in and I find the plot to be seemingly interesting.

09th November 9 AM:

So, I’m 10% done, we know Addie and why she has the curse so far, plus we’re getting closer to seeing mystery man and I’m really curious to know what’s in store.

09th November 12PM:

Okay, we found the stranger at the bookshop and we now know more about the Spirit of the Dark. He seems to be an intriguing person who loves to play and it’s nice to know. She seems to be the gambling type too, given that she didn’t know what to wish for in the first place. “Come on woman, use your words,” was what I told her when she was making a wish, but in return, she says “I don’t know”…

09th November 5 PM:

So the spirit of the dark has been given a name – Luc: the dude that has manifested from her charcoal tainted sketches on paper. The mystery man that he chooses to appear as in front of her….

09th November 9:45 PM:

She can say her name, she can say her name, she can say her name!!! Well, to Henry, at least. And that is the best part.

10th November 4:45 PM:

It’s been a while since I last gave an update, but so far nothing notably interesting happened in the past, however in the present, it is the complete opposite. Nobody remembers Addie, except Henry and he gets to know why from her, but here’s the catch – he made a deal too!!! How exciting….

10th November 7 PM:

Last 150 pages left. The past and present are being a blur, Henry’s share of past events are also explained (that is after he makes that deal). Now instead of finding out about why Addie is like this, we’re getting closer to how our two characters are going to survive.

*Reader’s theories* – Somewhere along the line, I think it’s all going to go down. But unfortunately, I can’t predict as to where that would happen. But here are my options:

  1. Henry is a trap set by Luc himself.
  2. Addie gives her life in exchange of Henry
  3. Henry dies at the end of the book

10th November 10:30 PM:

I’m finally done with the book and the ending was so… disturbing. Like two out of three of my theories proved right, and I was not expecting that at all.. Okay maybe the second but not the first. But at the same time, it was so tearful for me to process.


As this is the first work of V E Schwab that I have read, I have got to say, the hype is really true. She put ten years of effort into writing this book and it really shows, especially with the way she waved out Addie, Henry and Luc. And I’ll say it again, the ending was so tearful, that I would definitely say that it would take up a top tier in the “best endings list”

I’d give this book a 4.75 out of five, mainly because there were some scenes that I wanted to appear at the beginning of the book instead of the end – the parts of the war that make up for the ending itself, just felt in place and out of place at the same time, but maybe it was mostly because I was so eager to find out the ending that I wanted to zoom through those parts and jump to the last few pages.

*NOTE- Since I can’t find a 4.75 stars rating, I’m attaching a 4.5 stars underneath*

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