My first sketch ft. Micron Pens

So, I drew this house which actually looked like it came out of a fairy tale, and this was my first time using micron pens as my method of sketching instead of the usual shading pencils.

Micron Pens usually give out thin sharp lines and the Pigma micron pens were the first disposable fine tip pens ever to be made. With these fine tips, they bring out a neat and sharp finish and there is no smudging as well as ink seeping through the pages. They are perfect for both Bullet Journaling, Dot Pen art, Zentangle art and Mandala art.

This drawing was my first time using them and throughout the sketch I used only the Sakura Pigma 0.3 pen that was lying around the house. I’d highly recommend that you invest in micron pens if you are interested in giving those darkened fine lines to your artwork, cause I was pretty surprised by the results that I got out of this sketch just by using one of the other sizes of micron pens that are available.

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