So Agust – D came out with his new mix tape called D-2 and I am absolutely in love with it. Almost all of the songs had a different kind of theme to it; no song felt alike. I’ve linked the mix tape right above, so click it to start playing. Here’s a reaction to my first listen and faves in the mix tape:

  1. Moonlight- Okay I have to say that the vocals for this song were just wow. It had this mix of pop and rap with a bit of vocals in it. I’d say it gave me “Trivia-Seesaw” Vibes.
  2. Daechwita- I’ve gotta say, this one felt like it had an underground mafia theme strung to it. The beats and the music made it feel like it would be played during something thrilling or something.
  3. What do you think? – This one gave me both Wings and Not Today vibes. Sort of a mix of the two…
  4. Strange – This one had the UGH and Shadow trap vocals in it. I guess, a mix of soft music and trap…
  5. 28- I’m guessing Love Yourself or Wings vibes… I can’t put it together at the moment…
  6. Burn It- Rock with a bit of trap. No other words for this one…
  7. People – Oh man, this song truly swept me off my feet. I didn’t expect an almost full on vocals; we do know that he has amazing vocals, but seriously, I did not know that they were this good!
  8. Honsool- This one was kinda the typical hip hop low beats song, it did have slow vocals in the middle of the raps
  9. Interlude: Set me free – Okay this is complete melody. It’s more of those dull, deep tones that might put you to sleep, but not completely.
  10. Dear my friend (feat. Kim Jong Wan of NELL) – This was more of a soft rock song, the metallica was kinda distinct.

Favorites: I loved all of them, but for ultimate faves, I’m going to have to go with People, Daechwita and… Honsool. Moonlight and Set Me Free were really good as well, so I’m going to add them to the list as well.

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