Relating Physics with Happiness using Dimensional Formulae

We define the three basic dimensions as M, L and T as the foundation for any dimension. Without these three, we will not be able to define any physical units that we regularly use. For happiness, the same rules apply.

Happiness also uses mass and time. Any form of negativity that surrounds us can be defined as mass; and for mass to have positivity, it should be equal to zero. Similarly, length and time are equated to zero for an infinite arena of space-time.

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When all three values are equated to zero, it is called an angle. An angle is defined as the turn or rotation in degrees and two rays share a common point to form an angle. To bring out the highest angle, we require a force to make it happen. Force, in turn, requires acceleration for it to move on the right track. Mass is the resistance to these factors; therefore making mass equated to zero will lead us on the right track to positivity.

The highest turn of rotation is 360 degrees or 2Pi. 2Pi is the highest level of happiness that we can achieve. Thus, we can understand that the angle required for maximum happiness is 360 degrees or 2 Pi radians. If we can achieve this, we can count ourselves equal to the “Man with the highest satisfaction.”



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