Good Oral Hygiene To Help Prevent Stroke

The Theory in Brief:-

Upon a stroke study to check for blood clots conducted by the Tampere University in Finland, they had analyzed that 79% of them bore DNA from common oral bacteria. Most of the bacteria were of the Streptococcus mitis type, which belong to a group that scientists call viridans streptococci. The investigation had also shown that the blood clots had more levels of bacteria than those taken by blood samples of dental surgeons.

Through this investigation, the research has found that these blood clots have caused heart attacks, brain aneurysms, and thromboses in leg veins and arteries which contain major levels of  oral bacteria, viridans streptococci to be precise.It has also been proved that these bacteria can cause infective endocarditis, a type of heart infection. This is believed to be the new study is the first to implicate viridans streptococci in acute ischemic stroke.

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Key Conclusions To This Theory:-

“Activated platelets” trigger cells that promote atherosclerosis and “speed up the development of atherothrombotic lesions,” they write.

“Bacterial surface proteins of S. mitis,” they add, “can directly bind to various platelet receptors.”

In regard to the recent findings, the researchers note that while they show that oral bacteria are involved, it is still unclear whether they cause strokes or whether “their role is solely as bystander.”

In the meantime, they suggest that: “Regular dental care should be emphasized in the primary prevention of acute ischemic stroke.”

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