A building that I would like to visit

When I went to Goa, as I had mentioned in my Travel Diaries, I really wanted to have a look at the insides of a church, purely because I’ve never been to a church before. This particular picture reminded me of the church that was located at the corner of the street, which we crossed when we went on our way to Baga Beach. A week later, when I opened my sketchbook, I instinctively decided upon drawing this sketch to record my memories about the outer view of the church, and then I started to dwell on the idea of going inside and having a deeper look.


What I Would Do When I Get The Chance To Go Inside:-

When I get the chance to go inside a church, the first thing I would like to do is explore the place and have a look at all the paintings and murals inside. The next thing that I would like to do I have a word of prayer at the stand at the front. After that, I’d continue to explore the place, even more, just to see whether the stories of basements of a church exist and what other secrets behold inside the building.



2 thoughts on “A building that I would like to visit

  1. You should visit the following in South India
    a) Velankanni Church located near Mayiladuthurai, which is famous for its Basilica which is dedicated to ‘Lady of Health’
    b) Santhome Church, in Chennai, where the remains of St. Thomas are said to have been kept.
    c) St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore, where the church has twin towers that stands majestically at 175 feet. The church is said to have a cellar where there is a statue of St.Philomena and a piece of her bone and cloths are also said to have been preserved in this church.

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