My 2018 April Reads

I know this is a bit late into May to write out my reads, but I decided a little later after my last post that I would divide my summer reading list into two different parts – month wise

Here is the list of books that i had read in April.

  1. Fighting to the End: My Autobiography- Jade Goody:- This book mostly focused on a girl’s life – how she lived through her childhood with drug addict parents; to becoming a star celebrity from Big brother; being accused for racial discrimination, and most of all, battling her last moments of life through cancer
  2. Homo Sapiens-Yuval Noah Harari:- It is your ultimate book that gives you the total history through our past and how our ancestors had tried to survive with little probability of their life span.
  3. Homo Deus- Yuval Noah Harari:- This book also features the life of tomorrow for mankind. it determines the future of the current species and the possibilities of a future one.
  4.  The Lady Midnight Series (a set of three books)- Cassandra Clare:- Follow the story of Emma Cairstairs, a Shadowhunter, who had lost her parents during the Uprising and wanted to know the true reason behind it.

So that give a total of six books for this month. The other books will be coming up real soon. I have goven you the name of the book, the author, and a brief summary in about two lines about each book as I don’t want to spoil the whole story of each for you.



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