Scientists have identified 124 genes that determine our hair colour

  • Scientists have now found 124 genes that can help determine hair color of any human being.
  • The uses of these genes are to help in law enforcement of a crime scene, by the help of detecting DNA, and also help in the process of studying melanoma, a very dreadful skin disease.
  • Tim Spector, a scientist from King’s College, London, quoted that this work will affect several fields of biology and medicine.
  • Out of the discovered 124 genes, only 12 were identifiable by scientists, and 100 were not previously known not to influence pigmentation.
  • This test took place in Europe,where scientists had collected over 300,000 hair samples.
  • this test was mainly based on examination of human diversity and how pigmentation of hair color can affect the external environment and social interactions during pigmentation.
  • “This discovery also can help in a detailed forensic approach during a crime scene” stated Manfred Kayser from Erasmus MC.

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