Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead- the final installment

Name of the book- Magnus chase and the Ship of the Dead

Series- Magnus chase and the Gods of Asgard

Genre- fiction,mythology

Book no.3 

A brief description:

Loki has finally escaped from his chains.And now he has set sail on his ship, Nagalfar, to start the final battle of Ragarnok against the gods, a day where all Einherji,Gods and humans alike will be dead and the destruction of the world will take place.And Magnus is the only one who can stop him

Magnus and his crew- floor 19 from Valhalla , Sam the Valkyrie, and his best friends, Blitz and Hearth, all together board the Big Banana, and begin their quest to stop Loki.It is now Magnus’s responsibility to destroy Loki’s plans, or let Loki destroy the world.

My favourite character-  

Jack(Magnus’s sword) is my favourite character as he makes a lot of jokes and he is really humble to Magnus in being a close companion.

Favourite lines-  “You think the world is one way, then you find out that it’s much bigger and stranger than you ever imagined. If  you can’t expand your thinking, you’re not doing well in the afterlife.”

I was really inspired by this statement as it is so true when you try to confine you mind to a restricted set of things and push yourself to move on, which is not possible at all. Try to expand the way that you think and you’ll see a greater difference in the future.

Book cover:-

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