The top AI gadgets to look out for in 2022

Back in the early 2000s, the only gadgets that were known were televisions and VCR tapes, until CDs came in and added themselves to the mix. But today, we’re in 2022 and nobody would’ve been able to imagine the day where we’d be surrounded by technology that finishes our work much faster than we humans do.

On that cheery note, here are the topmost rated coolest gadgets that you should probably know about:

  1. Self Operating Drones: Ironically this one tops the list, putting the Google home and other voice assistants second. But with an AI drone, the hassle for sticking your hand out for a long shot selfie gets simplified with the drone being able to operate by itself instead of someone having to manually control it using a remote, which has been achieved by the advancement called Image Processing.
  2. Google Home / Amazon Alexa: I’m more of an Alexa ambassador, but the level of work that a voice assistant can do for you is incredible. From basic commands such as playing your personal Spotify playlists to reciting the news and the weather and in extension, planning your shopping list, answering your questions and much more, voice assistants have made a revolutionary impact. The deployment of Machine Learning helps the device to understand human speech and decipher it to prompt answers.
  3. KODA AI Robot Dog: From voice assistants and human robots, we’ve now got AI animals. The robot dog interacts with humans just like an actual puppy, and it gives emotional support.
  4. Nobi Smart Lamp: For someone who usually isn’t much aware of their surroundings, this might be just the perfect gadget for you. This smart lamp has a feature to detect cases of injury, and at such moments it alerts the emergency contacts that have been synced.
  5. Zmirror All-in-One Smart Mirror: This mirror can analyze your skin health and improve your productivity, making it the perfect reason to exist in your bathroom right above the sink. The speakers that come with have additional features as well – such as getting audio from both YouTube Videos and Kindle books.
  6. Square Off Grand Kingdom Set Smart AI Chessboard: A smart game for a smart chess player. This game has around 20 levels of difficulty and you get to play chess with anyone around the world. The sensors present in the device allow the chess pieces to move on their own, making it feel like “Wizard’s Chess” has come to life.
  7. Tempo Studio AI Home Gym: One of the most important things that people have been looking into over the course of COVID would probably be to get into shape. With an AI trainer that can get you into shape, the process just got a whole lot easier.
  8. PowerVisionPowerEgg X Explorer AI Personal Camera: OpenCV has made it’s comeback with this personalized camera that can recognize faces and objects, Now it’ll be able to zoom in on the object that is needed for the picture.
  9. Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum: Last but not the least, the ideal cleaning device for the neat freaks. This AI robotic vacuum has a LiDAR sensor that can sense location as well as distance and with this, it can calculate the best cleaning route. Using a 3D sensor, the smallest and most fragile objects are identified.

Here’s your turn. Let me know about the gadgets that you’ve used and learnt about in the comments below!


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