30 Days of Google Cloud – My Experience and Feedback

On October 4th, I was given the opportunity to use Google Cloud for a period of 30 days to hone my skills in the cloud. And in return, I’d get skill badges from Google and eventually if I complete the track, I’d be able to win a T-Shirt from Google as a prize.

For each track that I completed in the program, I got a skill badge that I could put up in my social platforms. I’ll link the badges that I received down below:

Through the 30 days of the program, I did get to know more stuff like Kubernetes, Jenkins and deploying to the cloud in general. Being a fresher, it was a great experience to take up because I have no experience in the field whatsoever and that was a big boost for me.

I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in the Cloud and also to freshers who would like to start off on the basics of the Cloud. Sure, you might not know much about it and most of the concepts won’t get parsed into your braincells, but as you try to comprehend and understand how it works, you’ll become a pro in no time!

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